Retirement Celebration for Fr Slack

On Friday the 16th of July 2016, over 130 parishioners and visitors attended Mass at St Jude’s, Whittlesey  to celebrate the retirement of Fr Slack who has looked after the parishes of Whittlesey and Ramsey for the last 18 years. Fr Slack is a priest of the Rosminian Order which has supported the Diocese of East Anglia for many years. Unfortunately, they are not able to continue to do this, and we await the appointment of a new priest.

The Mass was concelebrated by a number of Rosminians as well priest from our diocese, and a most thoughtful homily was given by Fr David Myers. Monsignor David Bagstaffe, the Vicar General paid tribute to the dedication of Fr Slack to our parish and the diocese. He also welcomed clergy from other Christian Faiths who had come to share in the service.

The Mass was followed by reception and buffet at the Childers Social Club where we had the opportunity to meet with friends and visitors. Fr Slack was presented with a gift to help him in his retirement, and he cut a cake which had been decorated by Louise Baker.  She in turn was presented with a bouquet by him in recognition of her help over many years.

We wish him a long and happy retirement.

Bernard Whyte


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