The Holy Ghost Fathers

The Holy Ghost Fathers

On 19th June 2016, we were fortunate to have a visiting Priest from a Religious Order called the Holy Ghost Fathers come and say Mass for us. Also known as the Spiritans, the Order has houses all over the world including Nigeria where our visitor hails from.

The Gospel reading was taken from Luke, in the passages where we hear the followers of Jesus answering the question ‘Who do you say I am?’ [Luke 9: 20]. Indeed, it is a weighty question with many answers. Peter is the first to speak up, saying ‘The Christ of God’, a hint towards Jesus’ divinity, and a response which causes Jesus to quiet his friend because he knows the destiny which awaits him.

During the homily Father recounted the tale of a man who, while not the richest of men, bought him a pair of sandals telling him that he had wanted to be a Priest but that God had other plans and so he married and had a family, and his desire was for Father to wear the sandals so that wherever his priestly ministry took him, this man was there too.

Knowing the path we are called to in life is not always very clear. Some find themselves wedged into the shoes that have been laid out for them because it is ‘the family business’, or ‘what is expected of them’. Some are overwhelmed by the many choices that are available to them in terms of career paths. Some yearn for the vocation of married life and being a parent.

Father’s words reminded me that we all have different callings and, in the words of Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman, we may not know what that is in our earthly life but we surely shall know it in the next.

Clare Storey


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